Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Crystal Keller: 1966-2012

Crystal Keller died a most public and headlined death, however she was honored in an equally grand celebration at Eldorado’s Food and Spirits, on Friday, January 27, 2012. Crystal, forty-five, of Selby Boulevard, a graduate of Pickerington High School, committed suicide by train collision at the Lincoln Avenue crossing at Indianola, on Monday and her body was pronounced dead at Riverside Hospital on Wednesday, 11:45 p.m.

Two days later, the Shaw-Davis Funeral Homes’ Clintoville Chapel was where her parents, Cliff and Jane Keller of Vero Beach, Florida, her pardner, Barbara McDowell and her loving friends gathered at 6 p.m. After the funeral home gathering, mourners went a few block up North High Street to Eldorado’s Food and Spirits, where the second part of the evening began promptly at 8 pm., when the band, Arnett Howard and Friends, kicked off with Young, Wild and Free. Every seat in the bar was filled, including Crystal’s family and loved ones, the Bare Naked Bibliophiles and the work buddies of drummer Ron Henderson filling up the last of the tables.

Hostess Debbie Day welcomed everyone, though the cirumstances were very sad. But she had great words to say about Crystal’s “million dollar smile” and she introduced Cliff and Jane Keller, the parents of Crystal. And when she brought up Barbara McDowell, Debbie exclaimed, “And if I was a lesbian, Barbara is who I’d be with.” The crowd yelled their approval and with the food and beverages flowing, the band kicked the party into high gear.

Doin’ Da, Butt, Lovely Day, You Can Make It If You Try, Do You Love Me?, Shout, You Raise Me Up and Georgia were some of the songs played to honor Crystal. Cliff and Jane Keller danced the night away, the floor stayed packed and the band cooked. The celebration in honor of Crystal couldn’t have been any better: the entire party stayed until the end, some four and a half hours later.

Crystal Keller went out with a bang...literally and figuratively.

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  1. awww thank you to whoever linked me here. I'll sure miss Crystal & I'm so happy she was honored just the way she would want it.

    I am shocked this was a suicide. especially since the train hit the passenger side first.
    I'm going to trust that she must have left a note or had told someone of her intentions.

    thank you for this blog. Crystal more than deserved it and i just adore the photo!!!

    xo Pam Lewis-Taylor
    angel Kelli's mom,