Monday, December 3, 2012

The Neil House Seven

In 1980 the Neil House Seven was the last band to play at the downtown Columbus hotel before it was leveled to make way for the Huntington Center. Included in the band were Al Silman, clarinet, John Tagenhorst, drums, Jim Gary, trombone, John "Red" Stamets, trumpet, Lester Bass, bass, Hank Harding, banjo and Sonia Modes, piano.

The Columbus Harmonaires

The Columbus Harmonaires started as janitors overheard singing at the Curtiss-Wright Airplane plant during the beginnings of World War Two and grew to be the singing ambassadors of the factory. They performed over five hundred songs and made regular weekly appearances at WLW Radio on the Circle Arrow Show. The group included Edward Richie, J. Leroy Bowen, Ragland Reid, George Boswell, Fugate Page, Dave Newlin, Walter Willis, Lawrence McGhee, Harold Clark and Darryl Redman.