Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Grand Squirrel Hunt: August 31, 1822

The Columbus Gazette, “The squirrels are becoming so numerous in Franklin County as to threaten serious injury, if not destruction, to the farmer during the ensuing fall. Much good might be done by a general turnout of all citizens ... for two or three days, in order to prevent the alarming ravages of those mischievous neighbors.

It is , therefore, respectfully submitted to the different townships, each to meet a choose two or three of their citizens to meet in a hunting caucus at the house of Christian Heyl, on Saturday, the 31st... at 2 o’clock P.M.

In case any township shall the unrepresented in the meeting, those present will take the liberty of nominating suitable persons for said absent townships.”

Signed Ralph Osborn, Gustavus Swan, Christian Heyl, Lucas Sullivant, Samuel G. Flenniken, John A. McDowell

A subsequent paper says, “The hunt was conducted agreeably to the instructions in our last paper. On counting scalps, it appeared that nineteen thousand six hundred scalps were produced. It is impossible to say what number in all were killed, as a great many hunters did not come in.”

W.T. Martin, May, 1858

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